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Belmont Day Nursery offers care and education through providing interesting activities, for children based on  their age and stage of development and allowing children to learn through play. All children at the nursery are respected and their individuality and potential recognised, valued and nurtured. 

Equal Opportunity

We believe that children have the right to grow up and learn in an environment that is free from prejudice and without discrimination. We encourage the understanding of each other and help to build the children’s self esteem. We offer an environment and curriculum that celebrates cultural diversity. We promote positive images of all children and adults in our society through resources, such as books, toys and games. We adapt our play activities to enable participation of all children regardless of age and stage of development.    

Behaviour Management

Belmont Day Nursery values and respects all the children and adults at the nursery, we encourage positive behaviour where children and adults care for each other and the environment. We encourage all children to socialise, share and accept each other and talk through their difficulties, allowing them to recognise and develop self control and self esteem. We reward good behaviour by recognition and praise, unacceptable behaviour is managed by giving children explanations or allowing children to calm down away from the activities. We do not humiliate children or use any form of physical punishment. We discuss solutions and ways of handling any challenging behaviour with parents and carers.