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Meal Times

We promote healthy eating and provide a wide range of nutritional hot meals both at lunch and tea times. Our freshly prepared daily menu’s include fresh vegetables desserts and fruit.  We offer vegetarian options and cater for all religious preferences.

Our baby foods are additive and preservative free. Drinking water is available in all rooms and offered frequently to children through out the day.

Food preparation and access to our main kitchen is done by staff who hold Food Hygiene Certificates in food handling and preparation.

An example of a typical days menu

Children aged


8 months to 5 years

BREAKFAST Weetabix, Rice Krispies, Cheerio’s, Shreddies, Cornflakes,Water
SNACK TIME Juice, fruit/yogurt
LUNCH   Roast Chicken, potatoes, mixed vegetables & gravy, followed by light chocolate victoria sponge and chocolate custard.
VEGETARIAN   Roast Quorn, potatoes, mixed vegetables & gravy followed by light  chocolate victoria sponge and chocolate custard.  
 SNACK TIME Milk, Biscuit/Toast/Breadsticks  
 TEA Fresh scones with raspberry compote  

Children aged


3 months to


8 months

 BABIES BREAKFAST Ready Brek, Weetabix, Baby Cereals 
SNACK TIME Baby Juice, Baby Yoghurt  
 BABIES LUNCH Chicken or Vegetable Casserole puree  
SNACK TIME  Milk, Farley's Rusk, Breadsticks  
 BABIES TEA Tropical Fruit Puree 
 BOTTLE FEEDS  Provided to babies as instructed by parents